Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Founding Fathers had many flaws

Tuesday's Letters to the Editors
Tuesday, Sept., 13, 2011

Worshippers of the Founding Fathers would return us to the “good-ol’ days” of 1787, when most African-Americans were slaves, many poor whites were indentured servants and women couldn’t vote. At the time the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Native Americans were being slaughtered for their land, and Mexicans indigenous to parts of what became the United States were included in the genocide. No women, Jews, Muslims, poor people or non-land owners were numbered amongst the founders, who were rich white men.

Conservatives seek simple solutions to poverty, violence and war that make rich folks richer while poor people suffer and weapons makers and war profiteers make big bucks while killing and injuring innumerable innocent people.

The problems are caused by big-moneyed interests with the help of simple-minded sycophants wearing colonial-styled clothes and holding signs with right-wing slogans.

They look backward, believing the mythologized Founding Fathers are more intelligent and moral than anyone today except a Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman.

Tom Turnipseed

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  1. Interesting, Tom.

    When Dad and I served together in the Senate, I learned something new about him: he never said the full "Pledge of Allegiance." He left out the portion that said "with liberty and justice for all." He explained that if the phrase include "striving for liberty and justice for all," then he would say it. As it was he simply remained silent during that phrase. He later commented that "liberty and justice for all" is an ideal goal but "we ain't there yet."

  2. Your post is spot on. Almost any issue boils down to the Founding Fathers as if they were the ones who held the absolute truth in their hands, as if they could see into the future and predict how the world would turn, as if they could even imagine body-armor piercing bullets and smart bombs.

    Most of the world sees what was done to Native Americans as the largest genocide in history- except most Americans because of manifest destiny. It's a faith thing as in our God given right to own this land.

    But it is the end all of almost any disagreement. When someone pulls the Founding Fathers card, you might as well be talking to the wind. It's like arguing with someone's faith. The Founding Fathers have become gods.

  3. Tom, I am far from a perfect liberal in several ways but after reading eherring's comments I realized why I stopped talking with most conservatives. It literally scares me how willfully ignorant they are about history, science, and most things involving simple common sense.

    This situation is so bad that on a recent cruise to the Caribbean I had to stop telling any new people I met that I was from South Carolina. The very mention of the state's name brought snickers to outright laughter. I was greatly embarrassed to have to defend my intelligence from the assumptions many other people around the world have about South Carolinians.

    Of course you are spot on about the Founding Fathers. It disturbs me greatly the blind and ignorant worship those men receieve from conservatives but truthfully the general American population has conveniently forgotten their sins and that others have done here and around the world all for the glory of "American Exceptionalism."

  4. Thanks for your comment Beach Bum. I agree. The Founding Fathers and American Exceptionalism are the religious underpinnings for our imperialistic oligarchy ruled by mostly white, rich men.

  5. Thanks, Jojoba. It is good to hear from a like-minded person about our Founding Fathers who lives in South Asia. I wish every person, everywhere were world citizens. We'll put you on our blog too.

  6. Americans are not what they have been taught for generations.
    There is a new global awakening, and we are not in the light.
    We have always been a conqueror, and an invader.
    We justified it by our manifest destiny.
    We are threatening all of humanity with our selfish escapades.
    It is now time for all Americans to say that they are citizens of the world, not just one self imploding empire.


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