Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Michael Moore is my Hero

Government secrecy destroys democracy. In this video from the Rachel Maddow show of December 21, 2010, Michael Moore discusses the necessity of transparency in government, particularly in light of the revelations of the WikiLeaks cables.


  1. Do not let the main stream dems know that Moore is your hero,
    They will run you out of the blogosphere.
    We are now the far left that is being equated to the tea baggers because we hold Obama accountable.

    A few weeks ago I heard chatter about Moore running for office. Perhaps jokingly but chatter none the less.
    I for one wish he would run for POTUS.
    I love it when Blitzer has Moore on his show, and Moore just rips him to pieces.

    America can not stand the truth, they would rather stay in their fantasy land.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Reality Man.

    Judy put me on to Michael Moore when he did his first big documentary, Roger and Me. We have seen everyone he has done since and loved them all. He is a brilliant, fearless, truth telling film maker. I have thought a lot about Michael running for President and Bill Moyers as well. Moore could get the votes of all us far lefties as well as many of the non-pretty boys who would identify with him. Michael comes across as an everyday, blue collar guy from Flint, Michigan, who is so much more intelligent and saavy than the Wolf Blitzers of mainstream media.

  3. Speaking of Flint.

    Sicko was very telling.
    It is just too bad that no one is listening.

  4. I saw Maddow's 92Y broadcasts and I think I only have one more of Moore's documentaries to catch. I thought he made a strong argument for Wikileaks. America owes a big debt of gratitude to Michael Moore.

  5. Reality Zone,

    The city of Flint is so broke that they are closing the police department.

    Sicko was a great documentary, strongly making the point that every industrialized country in the northern hemisphere has better health care for all the people (including the poor) than the US. Rich folks in the US have the best health care in the world because the we have the best health care money can buy. We need to take the profits out of health care and make it a basic human right.

    South Carolina's most powerful politician says we must discontinue medicaid for poor people because we will not be told what to do by federal mandate even though SC gets 4 dollars of federal revenue for every dollar in state revenue we contribute.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Nance.

    Michael Moore is a highly intelligent, truth-telling film maker.

    I hope something doesn't "happen" to him because he has the intestinal fortitude to tell the truth.

  7. I don't understand what was a cheap shot in RZ's comment. Please let me know because I don't get it.



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